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 SPIRIT OF lm70' 

TRAJECTOIRE 1:32 is honored by the trust placed in it by RICHARD MILLE by entrusting it with the creation of a circuit designed especially for the Centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This circuit was presented in the ACO Sky Lounge, privatized for Le Mans Classic  by Richard Mille.

It is of course equipped with the new DTCD4 digital system with ideal trajectory, intuitive overtaking and fuel management for a UNIQUE RACING EXPERIENCE!

This track is a unique piece where each element is made to measure. It benefits from a digital track for 5 cars with an ideal trajectory and an intuitive overtaking system.

Scale 1/32. length 4.50 meters - width 1.80 meters. developed the track 9.50 linear meters.



A selection of photos by Louis Monnier, ACO photographer, at the 24 Hours Museum.